Working in Cycles

Astrologer Katrina Brady gives insight into her work with healing, moon cycles and life as an entrepreneur © Photo Pádraig Conaty Spirituality and astrology come in many different shapes. While that is very alluring, it can also make things a little hard to grasp. I talked to astrologer Katrina Brady to find out about what

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Absolute Beginners

About learning how to walk and how to not give a f*&k (Spoiler alert: don’t know the answer to that) Sometimes, beauty and inspiration can be found in the most unexpected moments. Like the way someone pours coffee into a cup, a special shade of light, the first notes of a song you never heard

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„Your world needs to explode“

Playwright Lauren-Shannon Jones about life as an artist, theatre, and how we look at ourselves © Photo Andrej Kapor A „darkly playful interactive tour through a nervous breakdown“ is how the play Viva Voce is described on the website of the 2018 Dublin Fringe Festival. The one-hour play offers a female perspective on the history

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